The Hash & Family Surf Camp Experience

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Hash & Family Surf Camp has been the best place to stay in the Nias, Indonesia area since 2013. Founded by surf lovers, Hash & Family Surf Camp provides the dream space to make your surf vacation a breeze and make it all simple for you to just enjoy the ride.

We proudly hosted Nias Pro QS 2019 and Nias Pro QS 2022.

Renowned surfers have stayed with us, such as Diego Santos, Paulo Moura, Torren Martyn, Lucas Silveira, Oney Anwar, Miguel Blanco, Antonio Silva, Soli Bailey, Kaito Ohashi (Japan), Tipi Jabrik (Indonesian Surfer CEO Asiansurfco), Jerome Sahyon, Nic Vonrupp, Fabio Gouveia, Ryan Kainalo, Rodrigo Saldana, Joau Chumbinho Cianca (Championship Tour Surfer #BIGWaves) among many others.

You can check out our ratings on Lonely Planet and Τrip Advisor.

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